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Leather is a natural product that will age over time and needs to be cared for to keep it at its best …

Using a good natural leather Care product like Sedgwicks will help put back in the oils that have been lost to stop it drying out and cracking.

Sedgwick’s have developed this leather dressing which I have available in 65ml pots that contains only natural ingredients, including tallow, oils and beeswax, used in the manufacture of their products.

Firstly wipe over leather with a warm damp sponge or cloth, leave to dry naturally and then apply the leather dressing sparingly to both the grain and flesh side of the leather. When dry, usually after two hours, buff the leather with a soft brush or cloth, this will prolong the life of your leather item.

J&E Sedgwick are renowned for making top quality leather, some of which I use in my handmade items.

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