Measuring guide for buckle Dog Collars:

Measure your current collar from below the buckle to the hole on the collar you use.

I will add a total of 5 holes on your collar, 2 holes either side of your given measurement , all holes are 1/2″ apart for small breeds / 3/4″ for medium breeds and 1″ apart for Giant breeds.

Measure your dog’s neck with a fabric tape measure half way down the neck where the collar sits, please let me know both these measurements. If you don’t own a buckle collar, the neck measurement alone will be fine.

Human Belts

Using a fabric measuring tape, measure around your waist while wearing your trousers/jeans to give the right measurements you require …

Or if you have an existing belt, measure from the fold of leather nearest the buckle all the way down the belt to the hole you normally use… I will add a standard seven holes, and your measurement will be the middle hole giving ample room for adjustment.